Who Is The Nash Bar For?

A question we can finally answer

Over the past couple of years, we've fielded the "who is your target market" question quite a few times.

At first, we honestly didn't really know. Hanna and I just wanted to create an all-natural bar that had 20 grams of protein and tasted amazing. It was the classic "there isn't anything like that, so let's create it" situation.

With Hanna's background in creating healthy recipes for her blog, and my experience in ... eating them? … We came up with the Nash Bar. With no real marketing plan or business strategy yet, we just started telling everyone we knew.

A funny thing started to happen. As we initially grew, we noticed how diverse our supporters were. There was no real demographic that stood out as "our demographic". We thought we would naturally settle into a niche audience like I was endlessly taught throughout business school, but it didn't happen.

It still hasn't, and we couldn't be happier about it. It made us really think about who the Nash Bar is truly for. This is what we came up with.

Nash Bars are for active people who value eating healthy and delicious food.

We feel like this is all encompassing of who we serve. The first part, active people, includes literally anyone who moves on a regular basis. The beauty in this is that we've been able to support so many people doing so many cool things. From gorgeous hikes to elite level competitions, Nash Bars have been a small part of so many journeys, and for that we're grateful.

The second part, people who value eating healthy and delicious food is our way of saying people who care about how they're treating and nourishing their bodies. Our relationship with food should be a positive one, and it should be in harmony with how we feel and how our body responds. Eating all natural foods that make us feel good, energize and nourish, and taste amazing is the trifecta we're consistently after. Being able to provide that in a convenient, ready to eat product just makes sense.

As we move forward, you won't notice us pushing any ONE market. Our supporters don't fit into any one mold, and we are going to make sure our messaging and direction reflects that. We always love to hear how Nash Bars are working with your life and we thank you for sharing your experiences thus far - it helps us navigate this ship more than you know!

- Chad Nasci, co-founder

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Love the name and love the idea of a all natural protein bar. As a long distance endurance cyclist I know fuel is vital to success.
I haven’t tried Nash Bar yet but am ordering some today.
Tim Nash

Tim Nash August 23, 2021

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