What is a Nash Bar?

The Nash Bar is an all natural protein bar made with simple ingredients, 20 grams of quality plant-based protein and free from artificial ingredients or sweeteners, gluten, soy and dairy. Each bar is made fresh to order in small batches, cold pressed and packaged by Chad and Hanna in Columbus, Ohio. 

When will Nash Bars be in stock? 

Nash Bars are restocked most Thursday evenings at 6PM EST, with the occasional week break. Our next launch date will always be on our header and home page pop up. 

*We do typically sell out within the first 15 minutes of a restock and are working as hard as we can to make more! 

How can I order? 

The best way to order is to be on our website at 6PM EST during a launch. Setting up an account, being logged in, and using saved payment information for a speedy checkout may help as well. If you are unable to purchase, please reach out and we would be more than happy to set up an order for you!

Can I find Nash Bars in stores? 

We currently only sell Nash Bars direct through our websiteWe look at our business more like a local bakery than a food production company, which is why we favor weekly restocks and small batch, all natural products!

How long does a Nash Bar last? Do they need to be refrigerated? 

Nash Bars are best enjoyed within 2 months of production date, which comes stamped in every order. All Nash Bars are made fresh to order and are shipped within 3 days of production. 

Refrigeration is not necessary, but doing so will extend the best by date to 3 months from production date. 

Can I freeze Nash Bars? 

You can freeze and enjoy Nash Bars for up to 6 months from that batch production date. 

How can I get on a subscription? 

Subscription accounts are available during launches. When adding to cart, you will see an option for "subscribe and save" or a one-time buy now option. Toggle the subscription option and choose your frequency before adding to cart. 

Once you have a subscription, it can be easily managed and adjusted from your account. 

Where does the protein come from?

The protein in Nash Bars comes primarily from yellow split peas (pea protein) which is milled into powder, as well as the protein from the variety of nuts in the bars. 

Nash Bars contain all 9 essential amino acids, making them a great source of complete, plant based protein. 

Gluten, Soy, and Dairy Free?

Nash Bars are gluten free, soy free and dairy free. Our facility is free from gluten, soy and dairy as well! 

Are Nash Bars vegan?

We use honey to naturally preserve and sweeten the bars, which is not a vegan ingredient.

Nash Bars are free from egg, dairy, and meat with protein from 100% plant based sources.

Can I pick up locally? 

We currently do not have any local pick up locations, but pride ourselves on getting fresh orders out as quickly as possible! 

Do you have an ambassador program? 

We currently do not have any ambassador programs.