Meet Chad + Hanna

Co-founders, Chad and Hanna Nasci launched The Nash Bar Company in January of 2019 with their flagship product, the Nash Bar. The two set out to make an all natural protein bar made with simple and nourishing ingredients, 20 grams of quality protein and free from artificial sweeteners, gluten, soy and dairy. 

Before Nash, Hanna studied Nutrition and graduated from Arizona State University, while creating a healthy lifestyle blog known as The Healthiest Me. Along with sharing her thoughts and working with clients, Hanna loved developing new healthy recipes for classic sweet treats. After graduating in 2018, she decided to bring her blog to life and share homemade protein balls with the Youngstown community. It wasn't long before this venture lead Hanna and Chad to pursue their first Nash Bar recipe. 

Chad's first career began in 2011 as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Owner of Nashdog Barbell. Since then, Chad has coached high school, collegiate and professional level athletes at his training facility in Youngstown, Ohio. As a former powerlifter, coach and athlete, Chad realized that there was a lack of all natural, high-protein products on the market and ultimately knew the Nash Bar could be something special. Together, The Nash Bar Company and the Nash Bar came to life! 

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Foods that make you feel your best, benefit your health and better your performance. When it comes to nourishing your body with real food and wholesome ingredients, we believe you should never have to compromise. 

Our purpose in crafting the Nash Bar is to provide an honest, clean and simple source for proper nutrition. We don't believe in artificial ingredients or sweeteners, chemically derived preservatives, additives, dyes, or fillers. With 20 grams of protein and simple ingredients, the Nash Bar is the good for you protein bar. 


“Knowing that what you're consistently eating is enhancing instead of hindering your life, is a great feeling.”

- Chad Nasci, Co-Founder 

We stand behind ingredients with integrity and whole food nutrition. We believe that if you don’t recognize an ingredient, chances are your body won’t either. Our small batch protein bars are naturally sweetened with honey and dates, packed with quality protein from egg whites and nuts, and never contain artificial preservatives, additives, or fillers.